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Оптичен суич 8-портa Layer 2 Plus FGS-2208G

Код: 208

  • 8-Port 100/1000Mbps dual speed SFP fiber interface
  • (2-Port dual media with UTP / 100/1000Mbps SFP)

Цена без ДДС: $320.00
Цена с ДДС: $384.00
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FGS-2208G – is an 8-port Gigabit L2 Managed Fiber Switch, that offers 8-Port 100/1000Mbps Dual Speed SFP (2-Port TP(RJ45) or 100/1000M SFP dual media). The switch features useful functions such as DHCP Snooping (Including Option 82), QoS (Quality of Service), Spanning Tree/ Rapid Spanning Tree/ Multiple Spanning Tree, VLAN, Port Trunking, Bandwidth Control, Advance Security IP-MAC-Port Binding, ACLs, SSL/SSH, TACACS+, 802.1x), MVR, SNMP/RMON, LLDP and IGMPv3 Snooping capability via the intelligent software.

Key Features

  • 8-Port 100/1000Mbps dual speed SFP fiber interface
  • (2-Port dual media with UTP / 100/1000Mbps SFP)
  • Support jumbo frame size up to 9KB
  • IEEE 802.1X Access Control improve network security
  • Port Mirroring helps supervisor network maintenance
  • Support Q-in-Q(Double-tag)
  • IEEE802.1Q tag-base VLAN, 4094 entries and port-base VLAN
  • IEEE 802.1D Compatible, 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree and 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree
  • Unknown Unicast/Broadcast/Multicast Storm Control
  • Multicast VLAN Registration for IPTV
  • IP-MAC-Port binding for security
  • Support QoS (QCL/QCE) for traffic control
  • ACLs Based on Ethernet Type / ARP / IPv4 for packets permit or deny, rate limitation and port copy
  • DHCP Snooping (Including DHCP Option 82)
  • Support IGMPv3 snooping and IGMP proxy
  • SSH/SSL/TACACS+/RADIUS for security network management
  • Support “power saving” for Green Ethernet requirement
  • Support LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) provides a standards-based method for enabling switches to advertise themselves
  • Support Syslog for device management as well as generalized informational, analysis, and debugging messages
  • Захранване: 35 – 230VAC 50/60Hz; and 50 – 320 VDC; Консумация: напълно натоварен с 8 SFP модула = 12W
Файл Информация
Data Sheet [PDF, 1.99 MB]